Got an idea?

Do you have a concept for a website or online business? Would you like to see your idea become a reality?

Get in touch with either James or Anthony at Pro Evolve. We are always keen to help build on an idea as well as offer advice and our experience to give you the best possible chance at success.

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Why ecommerce?

A recent survey carried out by comScore’s has found that the UK has the highest percentage of people shopping online in Europe. A huge 89% of people in the UK (as of October 2010) reported that they shop online.

These survey results help to show just how important it is to invest in an online shop (if you haven’t already) in order to remain a competitive retailer in the UK.

Pro Evolve designed ecommerce solutions are always practical and easy to manage.

In addition to all of the regular features you would expect your online store to offer it will allow you to control Special Offers, monitor and manage your stock and sales as well as create email newsletter campaigns to maintain dialogue with your customers.

Find your niche, get your products organised and get selling online. The ecommerce growth in the UK and worldwide is not an opportunity to be missed.

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Bespoke Web Design: The Process

All web design companies have their own take on the best way to design, build and promote a website. We thought it would be useful to some of the younger freelance designers out there if we outlined a step by step guide of a typical bespoke web design project we would undertake.

Phase 1: Strategy

Before we do anything it’s important to understand your how the website fits in with the overall marketing strategy and long-term business goals. At this stage it’s all about appreciating your client’s requirements. Listen carefully and ask any questions you feel will help you attain a comprehensive brief.

If they already have corporate branding familiarise yourself with their colours, logo etc and make sure you fully understand their mission statement and style of communication.

Even at this early stage it’s important to be aware not only of their products and services but also what users will type into Google to find them. Conduct any necessary keyword research as this will determine the underlying theme of the site.

Phase 2: Proposal

Create a detailed proposal encompassing all aspects of the site design and build.

Clearly outline the overall goal of the project and provide a step by step guide of all the site features and functionality.  Make sure it’s written in a style that is easy to digest and understand without any technical knowledge of web design.

Define all aspects of the site and don’t forget to include all of your extended services. Providing things like training and aftercare support are as important as being technically able to build a website.

For the majority of the time this is the start of an ongoing relationship between you and your client so be clear on what they get for their money and make sure to honour your agreement.

Phase 3: Build

Start with the visual design. Present your client with a visual concept for the site and make sure it captures and promotes the personality of the company. Require feedback and work closely with your client to attain the perfect design.

The coding of the site includes writing the html/css structure of the pages, setting up a database to store dynamic data and developing the content management system.

Check the content to make sure it has the correct keyword density and populate the site. Test the site across multiple browsers to make sure the layout is identical in each.

Finally check the validity of the programming languages, content code, special features and email forms and test for better performance and stability.

Phase 4: Promote

With the website now live it’s time to start driving traffic to the site. Start your search engine optimisation and online advertising campaigns and set up Google analytics so your client can track the progress as the site climbs up the rankings.

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